Vixia Plaguewood

Female, Half-elf Star pact Warlock


Ability Scores

Str 11 +0

Con 16 +3

Dex 10 +0

Int 13 +1

Wis 12 +1

Cha 18 +4


AC 13

Fort 13

Ref 12

Will 15


Eldritch Blast

Dire Radiance

Dreadful word

Magic Missile

Dread Star




Leather Armor


Ritual Caster – Make Whole






Vixia’s roots aren’t exactly happy ones, her mother a former Elven archer that was once a fringe patrol for the Elven city of [[Lesmeria]]. On a routine night sweep of the area she was caught by a marauding group of humans, scouring the forest for elven treasures. During her time with the group she was raped and defiled, the Elven strike force sent after they had heard word having come too late. Although her life was spared, she was forever left a shell of her former self, and had a great resentment for humans.

This resentment was passed down to her daughter, and Vixia has fully embraced her elven heritage.

Contrary to their customs, though, Vixia has become a warlock. Embracing the dark teachings of the stars, she has gained a new level of clairvoyance, even uncommon amongst her people. Although many in the forests of [[Allerian]] chide her for her following, many look to her for advice, and even for untold mysteries that they wish to delve into.

Plaguewood Family

Contrary to their name, the Plaguewood family has long since been a defender of the woodlands. Having received their name through their uncanny ability to abolish wood rot and increase the over health of trees and plant life, the Plaguewood family were present during the planting of the Great Tree [[Allerian]], and were one of the original families to sail to [[Gharben]]. The family has consisted of many skilled Druids and Rangers, and as of late, the skilled Warlock, Vixia.

Vixia Plaguewood

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