Arcturus Sunlance


Ability Scores

Str 16 +3

Con 11 +0

Dex 12 +1

Int 10 +0

Wis 14 +2

Cha 17 +3


AC 19

Fort 15

Ref 13

Will 15


Bolstering Strike
Holy Strike
Valiant Strike
Fearsome Smite
Radiant Delirium



Scale Armor



Ritual Caster – Make Whole




Arcturus Sunlance (born Ingus Bloodknot) was born in Celephais, in the kingdom of Alhambra. As a child, he grew up as a street urchin until the age of twelve, when he was conscripted into the Mor’shan Army during the Mor’shatal Inquisition. During his time in service, he committed many atrocities and war crimes. Eventually he went absent without leave and fled to Gharben to join a band of petty bandits. He was captured in his sleep after a particularly profitable raid on an elven settlement. He was sentenced to hang for his crimes after they found out who he was, but managed to bribe his way out of the Allerian Forest. Soon after changing his name to Arcturus, he found himself out of money and spirits, and joined a small monastery dedicated to Bahamut in the Steelcrest Fjord. He was aghast at the error of his ways, and decided to repent his sins and don the Holy Mantle to fight against the hordes of malice that plagued the world. Equipped with his talwar, Witchreaver, he has vowed to repent for his sins.

Arcturus Sunlance

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