The large, walled city of Bastille is the largest human city present on Gharben. Originating from a coastal fort first placed when the first human settlers arrived, the city has since expanded into a human bastion, complete with various districts, a large port, and a generous slum flooding all throughout the city. Bastille is also home to the Tiefling Underground.

The kingdom of Bastille stretches as far as The Shady Hills and Esni Weiz and Ierd.

Trade District

The Trade District is home to all sorts of shops and merchants, from fruit vendors to Arcane suppliers. Honest men looking for a hard days pay exist here, having legitimate businesses and shops, but so do Shady Dealers and agents for the Tiefling Underground.

Housing District

The Housing District is home to the majority of the populace of Bastille. Ranging from shoddy shacks in the western part of the district to modest, middle class homes as you move further east. It is home to the merchants, the dockworkers, the various traders, and the lower class citizens. There is also a large church located in the center of the district.

Barracks District

The Barracks District is the original remnants of the fort that came to bloom into the city of Bastille. Not only is it a place of many statues, memorials, and plaques, but it also contains a fully functional barracks and guard headquarters. This is also home to the King of Bastille, Kreiss Fordstep.

The Castle

The Castle of Bastille is located against the coast, right before the port. Although previously used by former kings as a home, city watch, and coast guard, the current king, Kreiss Fordstep, only seems to use this place as a meeting room and throne. It is usually empty other than a few elite guards, keeping watch over the kings treasury.

The Port

Coastal trade and fishing is a large part of Bastille’s history, the fort that was placed long ago having had that as it’s original means of survival. Still to this day is fishing and boating a large and widely accepted profession in Bastille. A large Royal Fleet is also present, making regular patrols around the surrounding waters.


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