Esni Weiz and Ierd

Esni, Weiz, and Ierd, the triplet towns, were once small forts set down by the original human settlers of Gharben, not unlike Bastille. As the years went on they developed into small towns, each famous for the quality of their exported crops- barley, wheat, and corn.

The three towns rest on a pinnisula, surrounded on three sides by the see, and on the fourth by Cruor Forest. They do little fishing despite their location on the water, and although they are famous for their exports, they usually have very little surplus.

**Although less famous for, the triplet towns also have a very well established wizards guild, one of the few on Gharben.

((You’re lucky to recieve any of their crops if you’re an out-of-towner))

Esni Weiz and Ierd

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